GMCList Problems

Delivery problems could be due to any one of a number of reasons.

(1) Your email box might be full.
Solution: Empty it. If you have been dropped from the list you will need to go to the Signup Page and re-subscribe.
Prevention: If you are going to be away for more than a few days go to the Settings Page and set your status to Holiday.

(2) You might have changed your email address and the one subscribed to the list is no longer valid.
Solution: Inform the Listmaster ( ) of your new email address. Then use the Signup Page to subscribe with your new address.
Prevention: Before changing your email address go to Settings Page and remove yourself from the list. When you get your new address go to the Signup Page and re-subscribe.

(3) Your ISP (Internet Service Provider), might have blocked the email thinking that it was an unwanted solicitation (or SPAM).
You to will have to contact the support folks at your ISP. Just request that they allow email from and everything should be fine. Have them contact Patrick ( ) if they have any questions.

After you get it resolved with them, come back to the Signup Page to re-subscribe.


Other reasons might include:
A) If you're sending email from a system found on a database of known spammers, your email will be rejected.

B) If your ISP offers Blacklisting/whitelisting you must contact them to request that is on the correct list.